Sterling Series 1: The Unexpected Kiss

Rod thought a small-town community college a safe place to land after his husband of twenty years died, leaving him alone. Not wanting to go through the pain of loss again, and having failed at online dating, he resigned himself to life alone. Finding a new partner was not on his radar, especially given the fact that most of his students were thirty years his junior,

Wyl retired from the Marines after twenty years of service.  The death of his parents and the need to help his brother run the 3,000 acre family ranch in West Texas drove him back to his boyhood home. Needing some additional training to take over the business end of the ranch, he enrolled in a course of study at White Buffalo Community College. Leaving a failed partnership with another Marine behind, the last thing he needed was an attraction to a small-town guy, especially if that guy was a professor in his favorite class.