The Freeing of Dexter Lanning

Reaching the final straw, Dex left the abusive relationship he endured for two years. Setting out on his own, he found a job listing for an exotic dance instructor at a resort in Medina. With four years of experience as the most in-demand male dancer at the top gay club in San Antonio, he easily got the job. He didn't realize that reuniting with the parents who kicked him out and falling in love with the swimming instructor was in the cards.

With a new college degree and no prospects for employment, Husker heeds the advice of his best friend Jeremy and takes a summer job as the water aerobics instructor at an exclusive Hill Country Resort. As a result, two opportunities emerge that will change his life forever.

Within a short three weeks, Jeremy is killed in a bar shooting, Husker falls into a ravine and ends up in the hospital with a badly injured ankle, and Dex is abducted by his abusive lover and held prisoner.

Husker is desperate to rescue Dex, and bands together with resort guests, staff, and parents to find him and bring him back. But then Husker receives a job offer.

Dex must give up his past in order to be happy in his future with Husker at his side. Can he do that? With the help of his mother, yes.