Red Truck

Disowned by his ultra-religious North Carolina parents for being gay, Trevor has nowhere to turn. With the good graces of an uncle, he lands a job far away in central Oklahoma. The farmer Hugh and his wife Marlene take Trevor under their wing, and he settles in to life on an Oklahoma farm, hiding the fact that he was disowned and is gay.

One weekend he borrows the farmer’s red truck and goes into Oklahoma City to the opening of a new gay bar. As the steps out of the truck, he is attacked and beaten and left unconscious on the ground. Fortunately a trauma nurse, Raul, witnesses the incident, and he runs to Trevor’s rescue.

In the hospital, Hugh tells Trevor he knows he is gay, and doesn’t care. Raul is his nurse, and tells Trevor he’ll introduce him to gay life in Oklahoma City.

Philip just got out of an eight-year relationship that ended unexpectedly when his partner announced he had a boyfriend and was moving out. Determined not to get into another relationship, he is resistant when he falls for Trevor. The two finally go out of a date, and the relationship neither expected solidifies.

Philips estranged father emerges from his past. Hugh’s son Randy is involved in the antics of Savior Harris, the estranged father. After Randy shoots his father, law enforcement gets involved. Philip goes to Kansas where his father’s compound is to talk some sense into him. While he’s there with his father, the compound blows up.

The relationship appears doomed, but can it survive?