I have written four erotic m/m romance novels, all submitted to publishers and waiting acceptance.

The novels include:

  • Classmates - Brody escapes his small West Texas town, his judgmental, ultra conservative mother,  and his nosy, self righteous preacher for graduate studies at the university in Fort Worth. There he meets Gage, a fellow music student. They become friends, then more. When his mother finds out Gage is gay, she throws a fit. When she learns that Brody is gay, she has him kidnapped and taken to a reparative therapy camp to fix him. With the help of Brody’s sister and his dear friend Terri, Gage attempts to rescue Brody from the camp. The rescue team includes the preacher’s son, who was sent to the same camp fifteen years earlier and who has not spoken to his preacher father since, the head football coach at the university, and a local news anchor. Will the group of unlikely supporters succeed in rescuing Brody and shutting down the worthless camp that has ruined lives and destroyed families for two decades?

  • When One Door Closes… - In one year, Danny lost everyone he loved. Then Andrew came into his life and filled the void of loneliness. But they each held secrets of the past that could spell an end to their newfound happiness, including a man who threatened not only their lives, but the lives of the two little boys who wormed their way into their hearts.

  • The Freeing of Dexter Lanning - Dex escapes an increasingly violent, abusive partnership and falls in love with straight guy Husker in spite of his angst over entering another relationship. Dex fears for his life when he is abducted and imprisoned by his former abusive partner Ross. His only hope is Husker, but with his phone in the hands of the madman Ross, he isn’t sure Dexter knows his predicament, much less cares. Can he be freed of his past and accept a new loving relationship?

  • Red Truck - Kicked out when his conservative preacher father finds his porn stash, Trevor takes the bus half way across the country for a job with an employer he doesn’t know, on a farm he isn’t familiar with, in a state he’s never been to. His new boss encourages him to make new friends. He takes the red truck out to a grand opening of a new gay bar, and gets attacked and beaten. Later he and his friend Philip are threatened at gunpoint by the son of his employer. Philip’s father, a religious cult leader, is trying to find Philip. When the connection is made, Philip goes to his father’s compound and is almost killed in a suicide bombing. Will Trevor and Philip survive?

Watch this page for news about the publication of these four great erotic m/m romances.