Second Chances

In the past year Danny experienced one tragedy after another, each robbing him special people in his life. His partner of five years died in a car accident.  His parents - the two people in the world he trusted - announced he was adopted, and abandoned him when it became obvious his "partner" was more than a business partner.  His birth mother, found when his adoptive father sent him papers in a final insult to his disowning him, died of cancer.  He felt a lifetime of hurt. Could he ever trust a relationship again?

Andrew wanted to forget his teenage years of drug abuse and homelessness .  His life as a medical professional was now on track, but he needed someone to share that life with.  Could he trust anyone to accept him for the man he had become, and not dwell on a past he wanted to forget?

Andrew and Danny discovered a common thread, a character in their past who surfaced at the wrong time and with the wrong motives, making life miserable for both of them.  Could their budding relationship survive the tactics of this pervasive specter?  Could the child from Andrew's past become a part of their lives?